About Us

ZAN Projectiles was founded by Žan Šude, who always loved to shoot with rifles. Back in the days he was competing in ISSF 10 meter air rifle. After that more dedicated to sniper shooting and competition, where reached 1. place on Europe heaviest Sniper extreme competition(2020) and 2. place at the same competition in 2021.

Modern PCP air rifles are perfect training system for center rifle  long range shooting, but when shooting with PCP air rifle always felt bullets could be better and more accurate, so it has all began. High quality product and maintaining that with consistency is what we are interested for.

We do our job with big passion and are committed to best possible customers satisfaction service, constantly upgrading products as well as offer.

Most important, we know what we do, but we are not fairy tail making/speaker people like it is modern nowdays. We spend most of our energy in constant improving our products and thinking ahead. Beliveing our products speaks for it self!

Company works in Slovenia, capital city Ljubljana.